Eros - Prolong Delay Spray

Eros - Prolong Delay Spray

Gambir Emas Plus Gel

Gambir Emas Plus Gel

Naskic God Oil 60 Minutes Delay Spray for men | No Side-effects

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Product Description -

Delay Spray is a spray that you spray it on your penis before engaging in sexual intercourse to help the intercourse last longer.They are intended to keep men from reaching orgasm too quickly, by using our Naskic God oil delay spray for men with no side effects.

 Naskic God oil is the Best delay spray in india.

 - No numbness 

- No irritation 

- Pleasure excitement 

- Safe & reliable, with no side effect 

- Tasteless and colorless (not easily found by her)

- lasting upto 60 minutes effectively (depending on individual circumstances)

 How to use delay spray -

  • Spray a few times on the glans penis (the head) and coronal sulcus (the neck of penis) 30 minutes in advance, before sexual intercourse. 
  • Apply evenly to make it fully absorbed.
  • If you desired for oral sex, wash the application before perform oral sex, after 30 minutes of application. (it is still effective even after wash) One Spray before sex - don't too much and may cause irritating Avoid the spray reach Urethral. 

Package Include - 

One Unit of Naskic God Oil 10ml delay spray.

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