For the first time in India, Playgard is introducing Super Dotted Condoms. Just like dotted condoms, Super Dotted condoms have an interesting texture of evenly spread bumps. Except, with Super Dotted Condoms, these strategically placed dots are now 50% Bigger! So basically, at the time of intercourse, these super dots cause just the right amount of friction at the various contact points causing enhanced sensations for both the partners. Super dotted condoms are available in four exciting flavors- butterscotch, chocolate, orange and strawberry and with them, each time feels different and only better! And obviously when sex becomes as steamy as it does with Super Dots, one would desire to last longer. Playgard More Time not only claims to delay your climax but also promises to heighten it! Available in Chocolate and strawberry, Playgard More Time Super Dotted Condoms are a must have for special nights. Buy Playgard Condoms | Buy Playgard Condoms Online | Buy Playgard Condoms Online in India | Buy Playgard Condoms Kamakart Online |
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