Kamasutra Honeymoon Surprise Pack

An Intensely passionate assortment of exciting condoms, erotic gifts, games & some surprising extras! Kamakart.com is Authorised Retailer of Kamasutra Condoms
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We'd be making an understatement when we say that KamaSutra Honeymoon Pack will spice up your sex life. The good people at Kamasutra in fact have thought of everything for you. The next time you and your partner are all amorous, open the pack for a nice little surprise. For increased pleasure and excitement Kamasutra Honeymoon Surprise Pack includes KS Love Dice Game KS Key chain KS Feather Teaser KS Satin Blindfold KS Scented Gel Candle Kamasutra Dotted Condoms - 3N Kamasutra Ribbed Condoms - 3N Kamasutra LongLast Condoms - 3N Kamasutra Intensity Condoms - 3N Kamasutra Superthin Condoms - 3N Kamasutra Surprise Condoms - 6N Kamasutra Wet n' Wld Condoms - 3N Kamasutra Pleasure Points - 1N Kamsutra Hot Dots - 1N KS Disposable Bags - 24N To set the mood and your pheromones on overdrive, play some slow dance music and start with the Scented Gel Candles. Now that the pheromones have kicked in, let's look at some serious foreplay. If heavy petting is what you pine for, may we suggest the love dice game, the pleasure points and then hot dots. If you want to keep it kinky, may we point you to the feather teaser and the satin blind fold to keep the temperature soaring. Finally, when the teasing is done and you are the two little quivering members waiting to tear each other apart, we have an assortment of condoms that will peak your pleasure. Starting with the dotted that would drive both, to the super thins that will make you feel like there is nothing in between the both of you. Now if you are the adventurous types who like the great outdoors, we have a set of disposable bags to help you clean up after you leave the rendezvous point.
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