Brexelant Breast Capsules 30 nos

Brexelant Breast Capsules 30 nos

HOT XXL Busty Booster Cream

HOT XXL Busty Booster Cream

Brexelant Breast Cream - 60 g

BREXELANT Cream is a very unique formulation which contains a blend of herbs & other proven ingredients known for their ability to promote skin metabolism, help to dissolve accumulated sebum and aged keratin and adjust the production of corpus luteal hormone to restore softness, smoothness.

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What is Brexelant breast cream?

This is an amazing cream used by young women across the world. When applied regularly the cream helps women achieve a firm and uplifted breasts. To get a beautiful and curvy breast, it is recommended to apply this cream on the breast in the morning and night regularly.

How effective are breast creams?

Breast creams are very effective and are used by women across the world to achieve shapely and firm breasts. If you have not used it yet, it may be difficult to believe it. You can realize its effectiveness only when you use it.

If you are concerned, Will it really work? Then you are not alone. You are among the millions of users who will have initial hesitation. You can see the results when you begin to use it properly as recommended. Before going further, we reiterate that the product is effective, safe to use and there are no side effects.

The Brexelant Breast Cream is made using a proven formulation which promotes women's breast and skin texture by stimulating breast tissues. When applied properly, the cream gets absorbed into the skin of the breasts quickly, and helps the user get maximum results. The formulation consists of natural herbal extracts and other approved ingredients that are harmless. It consists of growth-promoting almond oil, olive oil, flax seed oil, glycerine, lanolin which are known to enhance skin quality and hormonal growth without any side effects. The growth happens naturally through enhanced skin metabolism and overall health and well-being. There is no short cut and you cannot expect results within a week. You need to apply consistently to achieve desired results.

How to use Brexelant Breast Cream?

Step 1 - Apply Brexelant on morning and night on each breast

Step 2 - Massage in circular motion until cream dissolves completely on to your skin.

It is recommended to apply the cream onto your breasts after a hot shower or hot towel press as the skin's pores are open. Use sufficient amount of cream to cover your entire breast. The quantity may vary from woman to woman. You can choose your quantity. However, it is recommended to use a thumb-size amount of cream and massage it in your breast completely, from base to chin. To achieve visible results, you may have to use the cream regularly for 3 to 9 months and even longer. It is recommened to apply Brexelant Cream morning and night twice daily.

How Brexelant Breast Cream works?

The Brexelant Breast Cream comprises of proven ingredients that balance hormones, boosts size and ensures fullness of your bosom when applied regularly. The cream effectively stimulates natural growth process that normally happens during puberty and pregnancy. Many women who have used Brexelant regularly for over 3 to 6 months have reported expected satisfactory growth of their breast size and they are happy that they are able to achieve good shape. It is scientifically proven that a woman's breast size, shape and fullness are dependent on the hormonal secretion that happens naturally during puberty. Some women may experience shortened puberty period or produce lower than the normal amount of hormones leading to under developed breast.

ü  Brexelant promotes breast tissues by stimulating natural growth thereby ensuring you get larger, firmer and shapely breasts upon regular usage of the cream.

ü  Promotes skin metabolism and balances the production of 'corpus luteal', a hormone which helps in getting smooth breasts.

ü  Maintains optimum levels of collagen and water in the breasts to ensure it remains firm. Thus, Brexelant can be used for firming up saggy breasts.

ü  Promotes overall health and well being. This enhances the self-confidence leading to an improved outlook.

What are Key Ingredients Used in Brexelant Breast Cream?

ü  Almond Oil: It is known to promote new cell growth thereby enhance the size of the breasts. Almond oil is a rich source of Vitamins & Minerals.

ü  Olive Oil: It helps in increasing the blood flow in the Breasts and thus help in gradual size increase. Olive oil works wonders in keeping the breast firm and improving skin elasticity.

ü  Alsi Oil (Flax seed oil): This being the rich source of Omega-3, which is an anti-oxidant and helps in keeping the breast healthy and shining. This is also known to reduce the risk for Breast Cancer.

ü  Vitamin-E: It gives much needed nourishment and care for your breast skin. It helps in the natural growth of collagen after getting absorbed in the skin leading to plumper look of your bosoms.

ü  Glycerine: It is a known skin moisturizer and forms a protective layer to keep your skin moist and glowing. It plays a vital role in keeping your skin nourished.

ü  Dimethicane: It prevents your skin from getting dry and rough. It creates an oily layer over the skin and prevents skin damage.

ü  Lanolin: This renders the much needed suppleness to the skin ensuring a soft and smooth appearance. Lanolin penetrates the skin's outer layer and enhances skin's moisture levels.

What are the benefits of using Brexelant Breast Cream?

ü  You can look more feminine and achieve attractive and shapely breasts

ü  Get a glowing skin as it can rejuvenate your skin tissues and safeguard it from damage due to sun

ü  The shape can give you an overdose of confidence and you can wear whatever you want

ü  You can look comfortable in a bikini or a bra, when needed.

ü  You can achieve results safely without any fess or painful workouts

ü  Proven to be effective and used by women worldwide

ü  Provides a great relief for those who are otherwise contemplating surgery

What are the Precautions to be followed while using Brexelant Breast Cream?

ü  Pregnant and lactating mothers should not use this cream

ü  Do not exceed the suggested quantity and application cycle. Don't overuse

ü  Pay attention if you are developing any allergies. In such cases, it is recommended to stop using it and consult your physician

ü  If you are taking any regular medication, it is recommended to consult your physician before starting this cream

What is the price of Brexelant breast cream?

The MRP of Brexelante breast care cream 60 g pack is Rs.415/- 

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