Cordy Gold Capsules

Cordy Gold Capsules

Boozliv Health Pack

Product Highlights

    >> Made of 100% Natural Ingredients that are proven to restore Liver Functions to Normalcy with continuous Intake

    >> Used to cure Fatty Liver, Fibrosis, Hepatitis B & C and even early stages of Liver Serosis

    >> No Side Effects

    >> Can be taken by both Men & Women above 12 years

    >> We are so sure of the efficacy of the product - We are giving Money Back Guarantee for users if they do not see satisfactory results.

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Take a LFT - Liver function test prior to using the product. Use the product twice a day for 60 days straight. take one more LFT at the end of 60 Days. If abnormal parameters in the Test 1 are not improved in Test 2, your payment will be refunded instantly

Product Contains: 60 Numbers of Sachets (10 Ml). 

Recommended Usage: One Sachet in the Morning and One Sachet in the evening for 60 Days

Product Contains:

    * Poly Phenol - Derived from rare medicinal plant extracts

    * Nilavembu

    * Phyllanthus Niruri (Keezha Nalli)

    * Pepper

    * Shombu

    * Vilaver

    * Manjal Karisalankanni

BoozLiv is an Authorised Siddha Product 

Who Can Take BoozLiv?

     >> Safe Limits for taking Alcohol is 14 Units per week for Men and 7 Units per week for women. Anyone consuming more than this threshold limit should consider taking 2 Sachets of BoozNil per day

    >> People with Non Alcoholic Fatty liver  should consider taking 2 Sachets of BoozNil per day

    >> Any normal individual can take BoozLiv at least one Sachet a day for their Liver Care

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