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Fleshlight - FleshPump Rechargeable Penis Pump

Kamajoy Auto Suction Penis Pump

Kamajoy Auto Suction Penis Pump

Kamajoy Manual Penis Enlargement Pump

Kamajoy Manual Penis Enlargement Pump - Product Description

When you are keen to increase the size of your organ and make it bigger, stronger and harder, then you now have a chance to make it a reality. It is common to say that ‘size doesn’t matter’.

It is true in some sense. But women always love to have a bigger and stronger male organ as women since ages have fantasized men with bigger muscles and bigger organ. So, there is nothing wrong in aiming for a bigger organ and now you can practically achieve it. Introducing Delux Penis Enlargement device.

This is a user-friendly penis pump that is used world over by countless young boys and men. This device comes to you with proven performance results.

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How Does Kamajoy Manual Penis Enlargement Pump works?

The vascular ligaments in the Penis are just like ‘compression springs’, when you can stretch it to your maximum, it stays put. Most guys must not have stretched to the maximum when it is erect under the normal circumstances. But penis pumps help you stretch to the maximum using vacuum and allows you to remain in the erect stage for specific time, which helps you stretch your organ. This is the central principle behind the working of any penis pump.

It has an easy-to-use pumping system which uses gentle suction to restrict blood flow to your penile muscles. As it is a manual model, you need to pump it using your hand and do it in recommended way for best results.

The penis pump comes with a comfortable rubber cover and flexible sleeve to get that snug and secured fit. You just have to insert your erect penis inside the pump and give it a few squeezes initially to get the suction going. The pump comes with a transparent cylinder allowing you to see what is happening to your penis inside.

When you feel the pressure on your organ is beyond a comfortable level, you can just push the valve on the side of the bulb to release the pressure and set the pressure to a comfortable level.

Product Features

-          Transparent body for easy observation

-          Made using high quality superior polymer material

-          Odourless and non-toxic that it is safe to use with confidence

-          More comfortable and secured compared to other electric models

-       Pressure controllable – meaning, you can control the pressure according to your comfort level and thereby helps you reach your desired results comfortably.

-       Built in Silicone tube with an electronic massager allows you to give yourself a massage so that you can get more stimulation while you are on the job

Instructions to use Kamajoy Manual Penis Enlargment Pump

-          Wash well and use the hand pump to remove air from inside the tube

-          Start by placing the tube over your erect penis.

-          Stimulate yourself and get your maximum size in the vacuum

-          It is recommended to use a lubricant to avoid irritation from the tube.

-          Keep pumping and let your penis get to the maximum size

-          Make sure the pressure level is manageable.

-          Insert your penis into the pump for upto 20 minutes at a time.

-          Work on it twice daily


This product is best suited for beginners to the world of penis enlargement. So, anyone aspiring to make their organ big, can start off with this wonderful device.

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