Kamasutra Personal Lubricants

Sex gets better when it gets wetter. Dryness has no place in sex. Sex should always be about pleasure rather than pain. Kamasutra has two exciting lubes that can knock off the excess friction during sex to give you and your partner the most pleasurable love  making experience!

The two Kamasutra premium personal lubricants is ideal for anyone who longs for silky smooth lovemaking and pleasant moments of joy.

Personal lubricants are nothing but gel solutions that can help couples have an easier and pain less sexual intercourse. During an intercourse couples often find penetration little painful and discomfort during the skinny dipping as natural vaginal secretion may not be sufficient enough to accommodate the stiff male organ.

As vaginal secretion is hormonal in nature, and sufficient levels of secretion is also dependent on the mood, feeling and pleasure levels experienced by a woman during the love making. So, there is no guarantee that a woman may secret sufficient levels of natural lubrication during the love making. Applying a small amount of lubricant can help a man slide his organ into the vagina smoothly without any pain or discomfort.

Both men and women can use lubricants as there is no specific variant for exclusive men's or women's use. Additionally, lubricants can also be used by men and women for masturbation to enjoy an intensely pleasurable experience.  

While lubricants can be used by normal and healthy men and women for extra pleasure and more satisfying sex, lubricants are essential for some women who suffer from vaginal dryness. It should be noted that lubricants are the easiest and most convenient way to make a sexual intercourse intensely enjoyable for both partners under normal circumstances.

Two renowned Kamasutra Personal Lubricants include:

  • Kamasutra Strawberry Extreme Softness Personal Lubricant
  • Kamasutra Aloe & Vitamin E Silky Personal Lubricant

Kamasutra has brought two exciting personal lubricants to help young Indian men and women enhance the quality of their sex and experience heightened pleasure during your love making. Kamasutra Personal Lubricants can be applied in the groin area few minutes before the skinny dipping.

The lubricant can help your organ just glide into her pleasure hole making it absolutely pleasurable for you and her. The skin friendly and extremely soft personal lubricant can also be applied on other parts of the skin as part of your foreplay and experience a wetty fun which can set the tone for an exhilarating climax for both of you.

For those who have not experienced personal lubricants under the sheet, people who have used have mentioned that there is a marked difference in the quality of sex when it comes to using Kamasutra Lubricants compared to natural sex. Lubes can help couples enjoy an exhilarating sex followed by a highly sensual climax.

The Kamasutra lubricants are water based and are safe for skin as it is enriched with Vitamin E and Aloevera. The lubricant is absolutely safe and can be used on parts of skin.

These lubricants are safe to be used with condom (as it is water based) and sex toys.