All about Durex Condoms | Durex Condoms Price List | Sizes of Durex Condoms | Types of Durex Condoms Durex is truly an international condom brand known for its exotic range of condoms for variety of love making options. Durex has been serving mankind and allowing millions of men and women across the world enjoy safe sex for the past 75 years. Durex Condoms are manufactured using sophisticated machinery and each condom goes through stringent quality control measures to ensure they allow the user to experience maximum pleasure during love making without any fear or worry. Condoms are made to pass through "airburst test" to determine its elasticity and endurance. Normally 18 litres of air is pumped into a condom during this test. However Durex tests its condoms by pumping in 40 litres of air without exploding. This goes to prove Durex's commitment to go that extra mile and give something that can enhance intimacy, warmth, and attainment of extreme pleasure during love making. Durex Condoms are specially made to maximize sexual pleasure and does much more than its traditional role of preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Lubrication is another special feature of Durex. Excess lubrication can make it sticky and lesser lubrication can make it painful and less exciting. Each Durex condom comes with perfect level of lubrication required for heightened pleasure during sex. Durex condoms are available in wide range of sizes, textures, colours and tastes to suit the varying preferences of people across all walks of life. There are dotted condoms which elevate the pleasure by maximising the contact and rubbing sensation. For those who are very sensitive to the pleasures of love making, Super thin condoms can come handy. Superthin, as the name suggests, is the thinnest range of condoms available in Durex. It can give as close a sensation as being bare, yet offering uncompromising protection and safety. It can match very close to being doing it without condoms. For those who have a penchant for oral sex, Durex has sensationally Flavored Condoms. For those who love to have it wild every time, there is Durex Ribs variety, which comes with doted and ribbed patterns. It is known to enhance sexual pleasure for both partners. For those who have not used Durex can try it during their next sexual encounter. You can surely be in for a surprise for the kind of feel that Durex can give. There are multiple variety of condoms that you can choose depending on the size of your organ, your sexual preferences and sexual appetite. There is one for all types of needs with Durex. For those who have used one or more variants of Durex, they can always try new varieties for heightened sexual pleasure. Again the choice is very wide and there is no limit to experiencing great sex every time. Begin your exploration, find out what's new with Durex and prepare yourself for yet another memorable love making, which is better than your previous one. Try Durex now and see why it remains to be the most preferred condom brand world over for lovers of all ages, ethnicity and nationalities